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Why are only a handful of Dems deciding the fate of 300 million Americans?

Not a rhetorical question. During the campaign, Obama promised that he would be the most transparent president in history by putting debates on major legislation such as healthcare on C-SPAN and posting bills online. Well, neither has happened. It appears that the man who was a cipher during the campaign is continuing to be one while in office. Apparently the Baucus bill that is currently making its way through the Senate is not open to anyone other than a select few individuals from the Senate and from the White House.

Now, I’m not too upset about the fact that there is no transparency. Obama made a lot of promises during the campaign that turned out to be nothing but bluster. What I am upset about is that a group of about 10 Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel, and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are writing a bill that will affect the lives of over 300 million people. Since when did we have kings in this country? How in the world do 10 people know what the needs and desires of 300 million people are? Worse yet, why do so many Americans not have a problem with this?

If this were the Bush Administration we would not be hearing the end of it from the media that Bush Administration is cutting secret deals with pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the doctors. What the Obama Administration is doing is even worse: they are NOT including any of these industries in on the legislation. The insurance companies have now found out the hard way that the Dems are not to be trusted (one would’ve thought the minute the debate turned from health coverage for all to health insurance reform would’ve been the wake up call for the insurance industry) when Humana was issued a cease and desist order by the Obama Administration to stop giving out truthful information to its consumers and the entire industry is having its anti-trust exemption reviewed for putting up a fight against health care destruction (because what the Dems are engaging in is NOT reform). Big Pharma has seen the $80 billion deal go up in smoke. Under the Baucus bill, all major players (insurance companies, pharma, medical providers, doctors, and consumers) will see their taxes increase. Finally, Americans will be forced to start paying the bill NOW for benefits that will not start until 2013 at the earliest. Is this the kind of legislation that should be negotiated in back doors without public review? Are Americans willing to throw away their freedom because they are tired of paying for their own medical care? If you think the legislation is bad now, wait until this mess gets to conference with the House version.

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