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Now THAT’S A Bow.

Remember during the early days of the Obama Administration the President bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia? They insisted that it wasn’t a bow and that he was shaking the king’s hands with both of his. Well, when liberals even call BS on that excuse, you know you’re in trouble. Now we get an even clearer indication of Obama’s deference to self-appointed leaders:
Bowing down to the emperor.

Now, this would be the same Japan that, according to John Steele Gordon, “never apologized for the Rape of Nanking”. Now, I love Japanese culture as much as the next guy, but bowing to a figurehead who was once thought to be the God of Japan is not exactly a striking show of confidence in American leadership. After all, wasn’t it US who helped rebuild the Japanese economy after THEY bombed us in WWII? Well who knows, history’s not all that important nowadays.

Oh, and h/t to Powerline for this particularly rich quote:

Ashamed of his country but arrogant about himself–what a disgusting combination.

Yep. That about sums up Obama.

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