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Want to see the future with Obamacare enacted?

Just look to Massachusetts. One of the favorite talking points of the Left is that Obamacare will bring down labor costs and make businesses more competitive. Well, that was always a farcical argument since health insurance is a portion of an employees wages and simply shifting them to the government does not reduce the overall cost of an employee to the business but now we have even further proof that health premiums will go UP under Obamacare and not DOWN:

Bob Carroll, owner of a Billerica distributor of paint spraying equipment, recently got some really bad news from Blue Cross-Blue Shield: His company’s health insurance rates are going up 47 percent in January.

So did Dan Greenbaum, president of a research firm in Boston, who’s been told to expect a 35 percent jump. And Sandy Bouchard, chief financial officer at Coady’s Towing Service in Lawrence, is trying to fathom a 28 percent hike – an extra $58,000 – in 2010.

“We’re a small company, and that’s a huge raise,’’ said Bouchard. “How much more can you expect an employer and its employees to contribute?’’

That’s a good question, Mr. Bouchard. Just like Obamacare is geared to do, Romneycare (thanks, Mitt!!) will force you to give up providing health insurance for your employees and make you dump them on to Massachusetts’ state run plan. Then, you’ll become competitive again just like the Left said you would! Of course, you’ll have to pay higher taxes and might have to pay a compensating differential to employees since they’re not stupid enough to know they lost SOMETHING, but we shouldn’t sweat the details. We just need to get Healthcare Reform NOW!!

(h/t Michael Graham)

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