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Americans pay a penalty, but illegals do not?

That’s what Keith Hennesey’s analysis leads us to believe. His analysis of the language in Sec. 1501(d)(3) of Harry Reid’s bill is one of the many pitfalls of writing such complicated law. The law that will originate from the bill is not what will determine the outcome of America’s healthcare system, but it is the regulations that will be developed to interpret the language of the law that will. Confusion about the law will make doctors more squeamish about providing good quality care and make all but the most successful insurance companies fold up (and then the most successful won’t stay successful for long).

This is taking socialism to its logical conclusion where the law-abiding subsidize those who are not. Not only this, but it is the beginning of the globalization of America’s health care system (and by extension, it’s economy). There is no way that America would be able to sustain anything of this magnitude over the long run.

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