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A spirited discussion over at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

Yes, that’s the name of Ed Darrell’s blog, but we are having a lively discussion on healthcare and politics in general. Please join the festivities and get good comments such as this:

Nick Kelsier wrote:

“Oh you mean like all the Republican bills were in legalese rather then in plain English? Proposed laws tend to be in legalese…simply because it’s the law stupid. When you’re creating a law it tends to be a given that the law is going to be in legalese.”

So why is the Constitution, from its inception in 1795, to its last amendment in 1992, is only 23 pages and easy to read by all Americans? As I told another commentator, try reading the tax code sometime.

“Oh and by the way little one, since you took a swipe at lawyers would you care to guess how much lawsuits cost in health care dollars? 1 half of 1 percent. And that number is from both W’s HHS and the CBO.”

Both you and the other guy think I’m referring to healthcare lawsuits, which I am not. I’m referring to the bill itself and the regulations that are guaranteed to follow. But let’s focus on that number for moment. If healthcare spending is 17% of US GDP, that represents just under $2 trillion. 1% of $2 trillion is $20 billion. .05% of that is $1 billion. So that is at least $1 billion that hits doctors everyday if they settle or file a lawsuit. On top of this, it isn’t the fact that a doctor will be sued, but the fact that most doctors must carry expensive malpractice insurance to guard against losing everything if they get sued. It’s not just what is seen when conservatives talk about tort reform, but it is also what is unseen that matters.

“Whereas the Republican idea of health care is protecting the health insurance asses because businesses should be allowed to do what they please..even if it costs the rest of us more and sends 50 thousand people a year to their graves.”

If Republicans cared about health insurance asses then they would support legislation that would reduce competition amongst them. Oh wait, that’s what the Democrats are doing!! By the way, its kinda funny that you say this:

“The Republicans have become the whores of big business in this country to the detriment of the citizens of this country. To the point now that the Republicans don’t give a damn even if that business or industry is actually killing people on purpose.”

This is revisionist history. I believe it was Obama that cut a deal with Big Pharma, a deal with the insurance companies, and a deal with medical device manufacturers. In fact, the Republicans were getting bowled over after all of this, but it was a revolt among the people that shook up the GOP and told them that they were on the wrong side of history.

It’s funny that you guys continue to rail against conservatives and Republicans as though they are the ones who are selling you up the creek without a paddle. Many Republicans will get mad when I say this, but at this point there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats as a Republican President is the one who got us started on this mess with the bailout of Bear Stearns, the homeowner programs, TARP, the rebate program an so forth. However, I am even harder on Obama because he ran as a new kind of politician. I knew all that was a bunch of crap, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, he not only continued what Bush started, but amplified it with the nationalization of GM and Chrysler, the failed spending bill that you guys call “stimulus”, the continued pumping of money into the banks, the attempted nationalization of the student loan industry, the attempt to nationalize healthcare, and the attempt to implement cap-and-trade in this country.

“and if there is a “revolution against socialism” then pray tell why is the Republican approval rating 30 points below the Presidents?”

Because “conservative” and “Republican” are mutually. I’m conservative, yet I’m not a Republican. I would’ve pulled the lever for Hillary Clinton but NOT for Barack Obama. On top of this, a Gallup poll has independents preferring Republicans to Democrats. Hmm, I wonder why?
Gallup poll

“And exactly how do you explain the Republicans losing a seat in New York they held for 150 years?”

By first showing a link that Republicans DID NOT HOLD this seat for the last 150 years:
NY-23 seat

And second by stating that the critical test for Dems for 2009 was NOT NY-23, which is revisionist history, but New Jersey and Virginia, which both broke for Obama in the 2008 election. Also PA picked up a conservative Supreme Court Justice. So if there was a death of Republicans and conservatism in this country I sure don’t see it.

“And the only reason Obama’s numbers have gone down lately isn’t because he’s being too liberal…it’s because he’s being too moderate. Oh and by the way…65-70% of the country want health care reform…with a public option. Have fun choking.”

1) I would LOVE to see Obama be his true self. Oh wait, nationalizing healthcare is his true self. Multilateralism and deference to dictators is his true self.

2) As far as the public option, that’s funny because most Americans do NOT want to replace our current system with a government run one:
Americans state health coverage not the government’s responsibility

“Define socialism you twit.”

This isn’t directed at me, but I’ll answer it anyway. Socialism is a political system whereby the government controls the means of production and distributes the resources equally among the people. It sounds nice in theory, but it has never worked in practice:
Article on Socialism
It’s a primer, as you should never depend upon Wikipedia for complex matters such as this, but after you read the first few paragraphs ask yourself how what you believe does not fit in the paradigm described at Wikipedia.

Finally, there is no such thing as “Keynesian capitalism”. There is a branch of economics called “Keynesian economics” (or Keynesianism), but there is no such thing as “Keynesian capitalism”. This is so because Keynesian and capitalism is a contradiction in terms. Please do a search for this term on Google: you will find no serious economic journals or sites that refer to such a thing. Perhaps that is because there is only one definition of capitalism, which is the private ownership of the means of production where the INDIVIDUAL has sole claim to the product of his labor.

By the way…when you do your Google search please look at the only website that makes reference to the term “Keynesian Capitalism”. It’ll take you to a website called Worker’s Liberty. Read their tagline. At least they are honest about what they are. Democrats and Liberals don’t want us to be honest about what they are nor are they honest with themselves about what they are.

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