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Obama makes another enemy: Politico.

It’s amazing that this Administration cannot handle criticism well:

7 narratives politico is fighting in their efforts to get an interview with the President

1. They are more interested in readers than accuracy

2. Its okay to be wrong everyonce in a while, if your are the first to break the news

3. More interested in gossip than news

4. A spouter of the worst sort of insider conventional wisdom

5. Their analysis about obama has been wrong more than any one

6. Click … period

7. More obsessed with personality than policy

Read the comments. Even the liberal supporters are getting antsy at just how far the Administration is making enemies in the press. However, no one should be surprised by any of this. After all, during the campaign, the Obama campaign team had supporters blitzkrieg radio stations in Chicago when Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso was being interviewed, kicked off media reporters from a Philadelphia newspaper who were critical of a campaign position and replaced them with reporters from a black variety magazine and blacklisted two news stations (one in Reno, the other in Orlando) for asking candidate Obama and Biden tough questions. Also, one of the enduring scenes from the campaign (in my mind) was when Obama was standing menacingly over Major Garrett of Fox News because the soldiers preferred Fox News to the other cable outlets. Once again, this is an instance where Obama laid himself bare for all to see: he does not tolerate dissent, has a thin skinned and will punish those who disagree with him. Fortunately, the Administration backed away from its stupid stance with Fox News, but Politico is a much smaller opponent. Will Politico stand against this Administration or will it wither under pressure? Time will tell.

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