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Were the Climategate e-mails hacked or leaked?

It’s highly techical, but if you can get past the talk about the code, Lance Levson of Watt’s Up With That presents a compelling case that the Climategate e-mails were leaked, not hacked, which is the current meme of the Left to try and discredit the leaker. Summing up the his analysis, Levson says:

“Occam’s razor concludes that “the simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one”. The simplest explanation in this case is that someone at UEA found it and released it to the wild and the release of FOIA2009.zip wasn’t because of some hacker, but because of a leak from UEA by a person with scruples.”

This person who leaked the e-mails has done an even greater service than Deep Throat did of Watergate lore. If he were leaking e-mails that detailed that the Iraq War was about oil and fattening the pockets of Bush’s friends, he would be hailed as a hero standing up to the corrupt government of an American President. But not so with e-mails potentially showing that global warming is potentially a giant scam, which is being brushed aside by media around the world. Thankfully we have a person who still as morals about him to recognize blatant corruption and deceit when he sees it.

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