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A global warming believer becomes a skeptic

Welcome to the fold, Chris Reed:

“But I’ve paid close attention to the current version for years, and it’s obvious it is driven by a messianic streak a mile wild. Board officials cover up inconvenient scandals that raise doubts about their wisdom and their sanity – not just the Hien Tran academic fraud debacle involving costly, controversial diesel rules but the steps it really and truly took toward banning cars with black paint. On global warming, the air board’s honesty about how its plans will affect California has been non-existent. It continues to pretend that forcing the use of costlier energy will somehow prove to be an economic bonanza.

This is not smart, principled and resourceful environmentalism. This is a form of mania, one that’s has infected much of the environmental movement (and too many journalists). This mania makes me inclined to doubt its major claims.

This guy makes me even more skeptical.”

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