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If you don’t know what the HELL is in it, why in the HELL are you voting for it?

Apparently not even the Democrats know what’s in the bill and what its impact will be on our existing healthcare system:

“It is a major part of health reform that has clearly not gotten the airing of, say, the public option,” acknowledged Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. Wondered Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland: “What is the impact on the stability of Medicare? If we are going to expand it to three million people, then how are we going to pay for it? One of the ideas of health reform was to ensure the stability and solvency and benefit package of Medicare.”

Ron Wyden asks a really good question: what IS the public option? That question just leads to more questions: What does it entail? What services will it provide? What will it cover? How much will it cost? How many people will it cover?

“It is immoral to vote against healthcare reform” Mikulski should’ve considered the impact Obamacare would’ve had on Medicare BEFORE undergoing the debate on this thing. The simplest answer is that Medicare would be greatly impacted by Obamacare as it would’ve caused 1 of 2 scenarios: 1) Obamacare would replace Medicare as it is absolutely stupid to have two government run systems tripping over one another to provide the same services to one group of people (then again, maybe it’s smart because the government’s doing it) or 2) Obamacare would parasitically suck resources from Medicare to fund its ever increasing budget. Since #2 does the least damage politically, the Dems decided to go with that one. Both, however, does great damage to senior care. Now, mind you, I WANT Medicare to go away, but what the Dems are doing to seniors now is a raw deal: they are proposing to take something from the seniors and give them something absolutely worse in return.

This debate on healthcare has been utterly irrational from the moment Obama proposed this stupid takeover. This wondering out loud of what impact Obamacare would have on the current healthcare system should have been undertaken BEFORE the bill to try and take over the healthcare system.

Oh, and if you wonder whether there will be rationing in healthcare, don’t worry, the government ain’t going to do it. They’ll have the insurers do it. Yep, that’ll make Americans even more happier to have insurance companies paying for their healthcare. This is what happens when you don’t read your own stupid bills, Rep. Wyden and “it is immoral to vote against healthcare reform” Mikulski.

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