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Nope, nothing to do with politics.

Chris Horner at NRO posts a portion of the EPA memorandum detailing EPA administrator Lisa Jackson’s for the EPA ruling to regulate carbon emissions:

SUBJECT: A Week to Remember
FROM: Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
TO: All EPA Employees


This week we made history.

On Monday, I signed the finalized endangerment finding on greenhouse gases, a decision that has been years in the making. The long-overdue finding cements 2009’s place in history as the year when our government — and our agency — truly began addressing the challenge of greenhouse gas pollution and seizing the opportunities of clean energy reform….

Our actions also send a clear message to the global community that the United States — with EPA leading the way — is committed to acting on the greatest environmental challenge of our time.
That message to our global partners was absolutely critical this week in my talks at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. I can’t tell you how proud I was to represent the United States and all of us here at EPA in the meetings I attended. The world is watching – and they are excited about the hard work you are doing.”

Yep, the end result of our scientific method demands that we make a decision to satisfy our “global partners”. This isn’t politics, mind you, this is “putting science back in its rightful place”, just like Obama said.

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