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So much for bending the cost curve down.

It looks like that cost bending isn’t going in the direction that the Dems were hoping for:

“A new report from government economic analysts at the Health and Human Services Department found that the nation’s $2.5 trillion annual health care tab won’t shrink under the Democratic blueprint that senators are debating. Instead, it would grow somewhat more rapidly than if Congress does nothing.

More troubling was the report’s assessment that the Democrats’ plan to squeeze Medicare for $493 billion over 10 years in savings relies on specific policy changes that “may be unrealistic” and could lead to cuts in services. The Medicare savings are expected to cover about half the nearly $1 trillion, 10-year cost of expanding coverage to the uninsured.”

The first paragraphs of the article tells you everything you need to know. However, the article then tries its best to give cover to the Dems:

“The one bright note: The bill would provide coverage to 93 percent of Americans, reducing the number of uninsured people by about 33 million, the report said.”

If that’s a bright note, they’re intent on making as bright as the sun. There is no positive in any of this. Is it really worth $2 trillion to increase the number of insured from 85% to 93%? Also, what about access? Does increased coverage lead to increased access? Of course not, but don’t reign on their parade. The Dems will have their new talking point and they are sticking with it.

I’m going to come out and say it: anyone who thought that socializing medicine would result in “bending the cost curve down” is a damned idiot.

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