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Bonnie Erbe gets it right about Obama.

From Notable and Quotable at the WSJ:

If only the Nobel Committee and the American voting public had dug a bit deeper before they endorsed Obama, they might not have been so surprised when he morphed into an unexpected type of president. The New York Times reported in February 2008 that Obama had a history of stretching his accomplishments and playing to his audience of the moment. It would have been easy to see what was coming if only voters had paid more attention to his record as a twister of facts and prince of prevarication. . . .

Mind you, she is actually talking about the how Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize diminished its luster as a symbol of peace and major accomplishment. Of course, I think the prize was diminished when a terrorist, a shyster AGW-hocking politician, and a truly failed President received it, but let’s not argue over semantics. Erbe raises an exact point: those who knew Obama for what he is are not surprised that he has not lived up to his expectations in office. Every time he would talk he would always embellish or stretch his accomplishments to make himself look more pristine and polished, but that was all a lie (I’ll be a little more coarser than Erbe). Now he has been stripped bare for all to see.

So what has Obama done for the American people? Has he been the moderate who pledged to “cut taxes for 95% of Americans”? Has he introduced a “net spending cut” to help bring the deficit under control? Has he ended the “bad war” in Iraq earlier than expected? Has he closed Gitmo? Has he not escalated the “good war” in Afghanistan? Has he repaired our image around the world through charm? Has Iran stopped being bellicose even after we do not stand with the dissidents? Has he even brought about the new “green economy” that he was yapping about at the beginning of his term? What even happened to the talk about the “green economy”? What in the hell is the “green economy”?

The problem with frauds is that eventually they are found out. We tried to warn our Leftie brothers that Obama was not who he said he was. Now we all get to witness the “prince of prevarication” be undone by the awesome power of the Presidency.

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