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The only option left for the Republicans.

Now that Obamacare is all but certain to pass, there is only one thing left for Republicans from heretofore: their only obligation to the American people is to repeal whatever law that Obamacare establishes. Once Obamacare gets hooked in, America will be constantly re-reforming healthcare and the entire budget will be consumed with nothing but talk about how to “reform” healthcare. As I mentioned in another post, nations that have socialized medicine find that it is much harder in practice than in theory to ensure that their citizens have a “right” to healthcare. It is the greatest deception to the a nation’s citizens that their perceived “right” is mired with bureaucratic red tape and regulatory burdens that make a free market all but impossible to attain.

So what should the Republicans do until they have enough numbers to repeal Obamacare? Continuously remind the American people that it was the Democrats that gave them this healthcare hell and point out all of the numerous inefficiencies the bill will no doubt raise. Point out the myriad taxes that were passed to fund the bill. Point out the price floors AND price ceilings that are placed on insurance companies so that they may not raise rates to cover any excess claims that will obviously be made by the sickest and take away from the prudent individuals who tried to control their own costs (don’t believe that insurance companies are doing this just for “profits”). Point how the numerous regulations telling doctors how to perform increases the wait time and the access for Americans who will need care. Point out how tort reform is sorely lacking and will cause doctors to be more cautious than ever and will cause doctors to “teach to the book” when it comes to practicing medicine and not deviate from the governmental regulations. Point out how because of the regulations, the shortage and quality of doctors is going to become acute and will affect access and quality of care. Oh, and remind the voters that benefits actually don’t start until 2014, but tax revenue collection and premium increases start in 2010.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Even before the bill was passed by the Senate, countless little nuggets was being revealed that would have a negative impact on the American people. One of those nuggets was a cap that the insurance companies could place on the amount of coverage they could pay for cancer patients. Another is the death advisory panely that the Dems tried to make unrepealable by invoking a super-duper majority 2/3 votes requirement. There is no doubt that as the years go by there will be other nuggets that will manifest themselves and prove to be a ridiculous burden upon the American people.

The Republicans will once again have to show that they are on the side of the American people, just as they did during the 19th century as it took up the battle against slavery. The modus operandi of Republicans until Obamacare is completely repealed is the repeal of Obamacare. Not only is this country dependent upon it, but so are all of the other countries that practice socialized medicine. After all, how exactly will those countries be able to practice “good” medicine if the only country that has a semblance of a free market decides to give it all up? REPEAL OBAMACARE REPUBLICANS.

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