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The future of Obamacare.

One of my favorite historian/bloggers, Ron Radosh, penned a thoughtful analysis of the coming days of Obamacare. To say that it is forecast is to sell this man’s prognostications short: no one has ever envisioned the scope with which such a massive form of healthcare would be carried out in this country. He tells of a friend who couldn’t get care because doctors are refusing to take Medicare. Well, this was going on since the Mayo Clinic declined to take Medicare back in October. No one can operate a business on the thin reimbursement rates that Medicare pays so it is better to just have people pay out of pocket.

Another complaint will be the lack of quality doctors. You know, those people that spend so many years getting educated and doing multi-year residencies? Well, they will be replaced by poorer doctors (a provision in the “Patient Protection and Affordability Act of 2010” will ensure this as med schools must enroll more students from “underrepresented minorities” [read, more blacks and Mexicans] as opposed to just taking the smartest and brightest] and with PAs and nurses. Whenever I hear people complain that we have a shortage of nurses, what I tell them is that what you are actually saying is that we have a shortage of DOCTORS since doctors are the ones charged with providing patient care.

Finally, no socialist system will not be complete without creating a two-tiered system: one for the unconnected and the other for the connected. James Taranto over at the WSJ had a nice name for this: the Obamaklatura. You see, when our “betters” deem they have done something good for us they believe they should be given better treatment. Mr. Radosh pointed out Fidel Castro going to Spain to get treatment, but we also had the Newfoundland premier who escaped his system to get care in the US. That’s how it always happens in socialist systems: the connected find a way to escape the misery while those who can’t are left to rot within it. The interesting question, of course, will be now that we have a socialist healthcare system and we want the best care, where will we go? After all, the best and brightest doctors the world over migrate to this country. I am willing to bet that for every Spanish doctor that can treat a Fidel Castro, ten of them left their native country to come to the U.S. to practice their cherished profession. Too bad we have now turned our backs on those doctors and will now treat them the same way they are treated everywhere else on this Earth.

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