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Painting opponents of Obamacare as racists is an “evil strategy”.

In doing a stellar job of exposing the lie that the Tea Partiers called black Congressmen racist, Andrew Breitbart states:

Linking the health-care bill, which has nothing to do with black and white, to the divisive civil-rights period, while simultaneously accusing its opponents of being racist, is an evil strategy — literally. Charles Manson would approve.

Not only Charles Manson, but Saul Alinsky. It was completely odd that the Democratic Congressmen would choose to walk among the masses, especially a mass with whom they disagreed, but their was probably a method to their madness. As Mr Breitbart points out, Congressmen have an underground passageway with which they can walk from their offices to the Capitol. Instead, the Democrats hatched an almost successful plot to paint the Tea Partiers as racists. It’s not surprising that the Black Congressmen were chosen to walk amongst the mostly white Tea Partiers: how else to create a parity between the Civil Rights movement and their appalling healthcare bill?

This should’ve been transparent to anyone who has any sense of skepticism about them. The Democrats lost the argument on the merits so in order to get their bill passed they would have to resort to lowball tactics, one of which is smearing your opposition as a bunch of redneck racists who, at the snap of the fingers by the Republican leadership, would become violent and threaten the lives of Congressmen. The compliant media, whose job it is to ferret out this tomfoolery, was only so happy to go along with such slander. After all, these Democrats and the media called Tea Partiers “teabaggers” and thought that that was the cat’s meow. Never did it dawn on these people that slandering a group of people with a gay sexual epithet is not only a slur against peaceful protesters (I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism?), but also against gays (but if a slur is used against people with which you disagree, that’s okay Lefties, even if the slur could easily be flipped back on them).

However, that isn’t what really bothers me. What really bothers me is that these are the same people who state that they are tolerant of all views, but, as Dennis Prager stated on his radio show yesterday, Leftists don’t much care for a dissension form their views. After all, you don’t even have to go back several years to discover the hateful things that these people said and the media never held them to account, let alone held any Democratic pol accountable for the sayings of these individuals. No, you can just go to a current rally of Leftists (h/t Zombie):

That’s not even the worst of them. Surely we should hold Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Henry Waxman (I wonder if he would agree with that pic?), Rep. Anthony Weiner (ditto), and Rep. John Lewis account for what is in that pic above, right? Perhaps to show a statement we should have Rep. Eric Cantor – whose office was shot up by an anti-Semitic Obama supporter – walk through the crowds so that we can hear all of the nice things that would be said to him?

When I was listening to the Michael Medved show, Mr. Medved became upset with a caller because the caller stated that people like Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid and President Obama were evil because Mr. Medved still contends that although he does not agree with the agenda of Obama-Pelosi-Reid, they are not evil because ultimately they believe they are doing what is best for the nation. Acts like this seriously calls that kind of judgment into question. To whit:

1) There was no reason for the Congressmen to walk amongst the Tea Partiers, especially since they do not agree with the message of the Tea Partiers.

2) The Dems did not win their argument on the merits and instead rammed this bill through on a slim partisan majority. Since they still cannot win the argument on the merits of the bill, they have taken to slandering a whole group of people and have never presented any evidence to support their case. Essentially, they are lying on their fellow countrymen in order to gain advantage over all of their countrymen.

3) The media, which very much has access to tools to determine whether the Democrats are lying, is compliantly reporting the Dems’ line that the Tea Partiers are racists, violent, homophobes because they too believe this.

4) The President is participating in this divisiveness by constantly belittling his opponents as rubes who don’t know what they are talking about and are trying to deceive people about the “good” that he is doing for the people.

I could go on, but you get the point. There are many ways to be evil which does not include killing and doing other heinous things to people. Evil is simply defined as behavior that is morally reprehensible. There is no other way to call what the Dems are engaging in as anything but evil. To slander an entire group of people because you couldn’t succeed in convincing the same group of people as doing something that will be good for them is putrid. To then link the passage of the appalling bill to the civil-rights movement to gain legitimacy is absolutely immoral. To call this a new way of running the country and also use it as a winning strategy to win in November, that is what makes it evil. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

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