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The warning signs were there.

I posted this comment to a blog post by Roger Simon entitled “President Weirdo” about how there was, in my view, two ominous moments during the campaign which made me come to the conclusion that Obama was not fit to become President, and no, one of those moments was not when he was candid with Joe the Plumber. That moment was the final piece of evidence for me to conclude that Obama was a socialist. Anyway, here is what I wrote:

I knew that Obama was not ready to lead after two events and it wasn’t when he admitted to Joe the Plumber that he intended to redistribute wealth. I’m going to part ways with a lot of conservatives here and state something that most here probably won’t agree with: being a Socialist is not wrong and being a Socialist President is just fine. I just wish for once that the Socialists in our society stop lying and let everyone know their beliefs so that we can properly choose to tell these people that we don’t want socialism.

That being said, the two events that led me to believe that Obama should not be President was on his flight from Afghanistan and at a rally talking about tire pressure. These may have been inconsequential moments during the campaign, but they spoke volumes.

The first one was very ominous. You’ll recall that when Obama was flying home from Afghanistan he made a snide comment to Major Garrett about how all of the TVs at the base was turned to Fox News. It wasn’t so much the comment that was ominous, but how Obama stood over Major Garrett and looked down at him with such contempt that was. This was a prelude to how President Obama derided the Supreme Court in the House Chamber during the State of the Union address: as candidate Obama, he used his newfound prestige to ridicule Major Garrett who acted as a representative of Fox News in front of the entire media. This, by the way, was also the opening salvo of Obama’s attempt to marginalize Fox News.

The other event is one that we are all familiar. You’ll remember when Obama stuck his foot in his mouth talking about how if we all just properly inflated our tires we could save millions of gallons of gas and how everyone ridiculed him for saying such a stupid thing because no one agreed with him. How he responded to this is what still sticks in my craw: instead of admitting error and that he didn’t have all the facts to make such a statement, Obama doubled down on the stupid comment, berated everyone who disagreed with him, and said that he had “experts” that agreed with him on the comment. Now, he never really produced any “expert” that could validate his position. This was an eye-opening moment because it showed that Obama was headstrong, could not deal with being wrong, and sought to punish anyone who disagreed with him.

So where have we seen this same type of narcissistic behavior? Well, you’ve seen throughout his entire presidency, but especially with the healthcare bill and how he deals with our allies vis-a-vis our enemies. On the healthcare bill, Obama and the Dems lost the debate on the merits so what did he do? Did he “pivot” to something else that the American people cared about? No, he insisted that he was not wrong, that all of his opponents and critics were a bunch of know-nothings and didn’t have the goodness of the people on their side, and rammed it through on a partisan vote, basically ensuring that the bill is illegitimate. Here, as in how he deals with allies such as Israel, Britain, Honduras, the Czech Republic and Poland, he forced his will upon those with which he disagrees and punished them for being on his bad side.

The warning signs about why this man shouldn’t have been made President was there. Obama may have been able to mask enough of himself, but frauds cannot hide everything about themselves and a good chunk of himself was exposed for all the world to see. Now we see what an authoritarian from America’s shores looks like. Yes, I have used the word “authoritarian” when describing the man we made President, for that is the only way we can describe someone who has such contempt for his fellow countrymen and for America’s allies. That being said, I believe now is a time for optimism and not pessimism. I have said my piece, but I will part on this particular topic with the words of historian, Paul Rahe:

“Like Mark Steyn, I view Barack Obama as “one of the most consequential presidents in history,” but not for the same reasons. In my view, he and today’s Democratic Party represent the last gasp of the Progressive impulse. The tyrannical ambition hidden at the heart of Progressivism’s quest for what Franklin Delano Roosevelt termed “rational administration” Barack Obama has made manifest; and to all with eyes to see, the danger that we have temporized with for nearly a century is now perfectly visible. As Obama himself has insisted in speech after speech, the moment in which we now live is a “defining moment.” What is required in what he calls “this defining moment” is what Abraham Lincoln once called “a new birth of freedom.” The period we just entered could be our finest hour.”

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