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Now they find out that he’s a phony?

Full read is worth it, but I’ll highlight this particular part because it vexes me so:

How phony is Barack Obama? PBS Washington Week host Gwen Ifill reviewed New Yorker editor David Remnick’s new Obama book The Bridge in the Washington Post Outlook section Sunday, and she kept finding Obama is a Slick Barry, a “shape shifter.” Obama even admitted to rhetoric what should be obvious — how he changes “dialects” depending on the audience he’s talking to:

Obama cops to this. “The fact that I conjugate my verbs and speak in a typical Midwestern newscaster’s voice — there’s no doubt that this helps ease communication between myself and white audiences,” he tells Remnick.

“And there’s no doubt that when I’m with a black audience I slip into a slightly different dialect. But the point is, I don’t feel the need to speak a certain way in front of a black audience. There’s a level of self-consciousness about these issues the previous generation had to negotiate that I don’t feel I have to.”

Another way to read these two sections is that Obama had to appear to be more intelligent when dealing with white audiences than he did with black audiences. Shelby Steele was right when Obama saw himself as bargaining with whites so as to gain power. Too bad he does not have the same regard for blacks.

At this point, nothing surprises me about the chameleon nature of Obama. I just wished that the media would’ve done a better job of covering his charlatanish nature during the campaign.

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