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This is a new height in Obama’s narcissism.

While in Kazakhstan, Obama and the Kazakh “president” held a joint conference where they were asked questions about such things as nuclear proliferation and democracy. During that Q&A, Obama said something quite appalling, even for himself:

President Obama said Sunday that the United States is still “working on” democracy and a top aide said he has taken “historic steps” to improve democracy in the United States during his time in office.

Really? You mean after successfully handing power over to new Congresses and new Presidents with no political uprising we’re still working on this thing called “democracy” of which you’ve made “historic steps” to improve? One does not know where to begin with that statement. If Obama has done anything during his time in office it has been to make people even more cynical of the democratic process. Representatives that don’t represent their constituents and do whatever they want (Alcee Hastings recently said they make up the rules as they go along). Bills so large that no one has obviously read them. Corrupt deals cut with every special interest to forward your domestic agenda. Tarring of political opponents because you can’t win your arguments on the merits. No, this isn’t some backwater country like Kazakhstan where a lot of this can be expected. This is the sheer anti-democratic behavior that Obama and his Democratic cohorts have been engaging in. After all, Americans don’t care about the “process”, they only care about the results, right, Mr. President?

But I love the defense that one his aides give in a follow-up interview with The Wall Street Journal:

“In connection with the OSCE, the presidents had a very lengthy discussion of issues of democracy and human rights,” NSC senior director Mike McFaul said on a conference call with reporters Sunday. “Both presidents agreed that you don’t ever reach democracy; you always have to work at it. And in particular, President Obama reminded his Kazakh counterpart that we, too, are working to improve our democracy.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Weisman asked McFaul to clarify.

“You seemed to be suggesting there was some equivalence between their issues of democracy and the United States’ issues, when you said that President Obama assured him that we, too, are working on our democracy,” Weisman said. “Is there equivalence between the problems that President Nazarbayev is confronting and the state of democracy in the United States?”

“Absolutely not … There was no equivalence meant whatsoever,” McFaul said. “[Obama’s] taken, I think, rather historic steps to improve our own democracy since coming to office here in the United States.”

No moral equivalence whatsoever. The Orwellian nature and narcissism of this administration knows no bounds.

What would possess a person to say such a thing if they did not see an equivalence between a nation that has been faithfully passing power to succeeding Presidents and Congresses and a former Soviet satellite that barely tasted democracy only as recent as 1990 and went back to an authoritarian style government? Yes, no moral equivalence whatsoever.

He is still apologizing for the supposed sins of this nation, the very nation that made it possible for him to be elected. Only the most ideological Leftist will continue to see the sins of a nation that has done the most for the world we live in. That would describe Obama to a T.

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