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Weakness Invites Aggressiveness.

Claudia Rosett gives a recap of this year’s “stellar” events:

In the horrifying plane crash in western Russia that just killed some of Poland’s top officials, including President Lech Kaczynski, there is no sign at this stage of foul play. Reports so far are focusing on pilot error, fog, and the use of a Soviet-built Tupolev-154 for the presidential transport (Fox provides a list of Tupolev-154 crashes over the past 16 years)…

Meanwhile, a violent uprising has just ousted the president of Kyrgyzstan, which hosts the Manas military base (well, it used to be called an “air base” but these days it’s called a “transit center”)– chief transit point for U.S. forces serving in Afghanistan. Whether this plays into Moscow’s hands is still a matter of debate, but there’s no question that it has disrupted operations at Manas, where U.S. troop flights have been indefinitely suspended.

his follows the March 26 sinking of a South Korean frigate, the Cheonan, which — as North Korea expert Andrei Lankov describes in a recent NY Times Op-ed — was patrolling coastal waters near a disputed border with North Korea, when its stern was ripped away by an explosion. The warship sank; 46 South Korean sailors died. Despite signs suggesting the cause was a mine or a torpedo, the South Korean government has declined to confront North Korea, warning against jumping to conclusions.

I decline to mention the Israeli nuclear scientists because that is just an ongoing pattern with this administration and its vile treatment of our ally, Israel (read Contentions @ Commentary to get caught up on that). If you believe in coincidence, then you will forgive Claudia Rosett for believing these are just cases of “bad luck”. If, however you don’t believe in coincidence the you will no doubt appreciate Ms. Rosett’s conclusion:

Far be it from any of us to start spinning conspiracy theories, or blaming anyone other than Dame Fortune – given the various official accounts to date. But if anyone out there is plotting a very contemporary thriller, and wants to open with one of those action collages featuring a gripping series of apparently unrelated events, scattered around the globe, but all pertaining to growing peril for the U.S. and its allies, the daily news right now is rich in grist.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but if I were any of America’s enemies, I would figure that now is the best time to start getting some of my grievances off my chest because America ain’t gonna do nuthin’ about them (sic). After all, when Obama stated he didn’t want to “meddle” in the affairs of Iran to support a nascent Green Movement, he might as well put out a welcome mat for all the rogue nations to have at it and expand their influence throughout the world.

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