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So, about that separation of church and state thing…

It seems the Obama Administration is about to throw the Establishment Clause right out of the window and officially sanction churches to preach about global warming:

How exactly can the government enlist congregations in the climate-change fight? Step 1: Set up an office at the Environmental Protection Agency “to actualize the potential of faith-based and community groups and their networks across the country toward greening and retrofitting buildings”:

[A]n Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the EPA could .  .  . activate faith- and community-based networks to promote energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and green jobs. With minimal personnel costs to the government, massive partnerships could be scaled up through engaging religious and community leaders and organizations.

The council hopes the new EPA faith office will also help churches and other nonprofits improve “access to financing,” including “establishing revolving loan programs or working with utility companies to help finance greening building projects.” The ultimate aim of all this government-supported retrofitting is clear: “Regional staff would work to engage local faith-and community-based groups to help meet Obama administration targets for greening buildings and promoting environmental quality.” [Emphasis in added.]

I’ll wait with baited breath as the ACLU brings a lawsuit against the feds demanding that they cease cooperating with churches and having them promote their agenda.

However, it probably makes sense that ecozealots will turn to actual religion to help them out. As the writer mentioned, with the “science” card being slowly taken away from the ecozealots the last thing they have to play is the actual religious aspects of their belief:

Perhaps it’s only reasonable that global-warming activists would turn to God for help as the scientific case for their position collapses. As if -Climategate had never happened, the council report asserts with blind faith: “Adequately addressing global climate change—through better and more extensive partnerships with nonprofits and other efforts—will result, for example, in less migration, fewer refugee crises, and greater food security.” The swollen Red Sea will part, the waters of Noah’s greenhouse-gas-fueled flood will recede, and the meek shall inherit the earth. All it takes is a little federal infiltration of America’s houses of worship.

I think this is the “social justice” canard that Glenn Beck warned religious folk about. When they start proseltyzing on “global warming” then you need to just get up and go.

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