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So much for “Drill, baby, drill”.

An offshore oil rig blows up, spills oil into the ocean and Florida GOPs lose the stomach to stand up for something that is right for the country:

After a 90-minute plane flight Tuesday above the spill, which was spreading in an 80-by-42-mile blob, Crist said, “Clearly it could be devastating to Florida if something like that were to occur. It’s the last thing in the world I would want to see happen in our beautiful state.

He said there is no question now that lawmakers should give up on the idea of drilling off Florida’s coast this year and in coming years. He had said previously that he would support drilling if it was far enough from shore, safe enough and clean enough. He said the spill is proof that that is not possible.

Because, after all, it is more important for Floridians and Americans to have a “clean, beautiful state” than it is for them to be able to drive their cars to get to work and do such menial things as getting food, clothing, and just being able to socialize with one another. So much for “ending our reliance on foreign oil”. If the pols can’t bear an oil spill off their coast (even though oil naturally seeps out of the earth and finds its way to the coast in any event), then we’re going to be dialing up Canada and Mexico (what? You thought I was going to say the Middle East? Those are our two major oil partners, not the Islamists of the Middle East) for more oil.

America is getting dumber and more cowardly by the minute. Thanks, Progressives!!

UPDATE: Coming soon to a theater near you: rolling blackouts like those in Venezuela. You can’t honestly believe that solar and wind can generate as much power and energy as fossil fuels can, do you?

And just an aside: the article is also a lesson as to why socialism CAN NOT WORK. I would think our own Socialists would realize this, but they must think that capitalists will always work. Please reference the letter that is circulating Wall Street and see if that analysis will hold up.

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