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The disingenuous act of protesting for Mexico in the USA.

Victor David Hansen writes a really good column that deserves to be read in its entirety, but I will post the end as that is apt to everything regarding the current debate on “illegal immigration”:

I learned from this episode only that Cinco de Mayo is the moral equivalent for many of our citizens to the Fourth of July, that no one in authority at an American high school understands the U.S. Constitution, that students wearing American flags were at one point to be suspended, and those ditching class in mass were not; that reconciliation is defined by each group putting their own respective flags next to each other and then blaming the press for this national embarrassment; and that in our parochial and isolated culture of central and coastal California, no one seems to imagine that elsewhere Americans are not all unhinged, but in fact see us as the deranged. The Live Oak people seem wounded fawns, hurt as if everywhere in the United States assumes that Cinco de Mayo is the real Fourth of July.

If there were a “metaphor” in all this, then it is how multicultural instruction results in moral equivalence, cultural relativism, ignorance of American law—and irony in that millions of Mexican nationals are fleeing Mexico to enter America only within a few years to wish that their children wave the flag of the country they fled and resent those who wear the flag of the country they desperately sought to join.

  1. Frumious Falafel
    September 20, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    not to be a weenie: but it’s Victor Davis Hanson (which is why I always just refer to him as “VDH” — exactly so I don’t make the thousand different spelling permutations that one can make with his name (and have them all sound the same!) 🙂

    Otherwise, I read it and loved it as usual. VDH is always right on the money. And restrained in that genteel sort of way a man of his age and culture often is.

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